A University for researchers


Universidad del Valle supports research activities achieving an interdisciplinary research system comprising of 220 research groups, returning benefits to the educational field and contributing to society as a whole.

Faculty Research Groups
Engineering 55
Sciences 41
Health 38
Education and Pedagogy 13
Business Administration 14
Psychology 8
Humanities 25
Social and Economical Sciences 9
Arts and Architecture 17
Total 220


Top ranking Regional Research

  • Novel Materials: Center on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, the Center of Novel Materials – CENM, (www.cenm.org) Focuses its research on: nanomagnetism, hard coatings, composite materials and sensors and mesoscopic systems
  • CINARA: Research and Development Institute in Water Supply, Environmental Sanitation and Water Resources Conservation (http://cinara.univalle.edu.co/) Widely recognized within the water supply and environmental sanitation sector in Colombia, as well as in other Latin American countries, mainly from the Andean and Central American regions.
  • CISALVA (www.cisalva.univalle.edu.co) - Preventing violence and promoting social co-existence
  • CIDSE: Center of Research focused on: Labor economy and labor sociology, society, history, and culture, migration, urbanization and the identity of Afro-Colombian people, growth and economic development.
  • Foresight:  Research Institute created to guide the development of capacities in foresight, innovation and management of knowledge in the Colombian and international scope.