APRIL 18-19-20, 1998 EL CORO.
Cali, Colombia

After enjoying our fifth TIJ and our first TIE it is very satisfactory to me to share with you the reports made by some of the members who enjoyed this new experience with us.First of all, let me tell you that this was a three day excursion to a place near Cali. The purpose of the trip was to have the opportunity to practice our English in a very informal ,and friendly way.

FRIDAY April l7 FROM 5 :30 p.m. TO Midnight

Few days ago , Ms Eva Lakatos called me up just to give me the following directions:
viñeta Bring what you need in a cold, windy, rainy ,foggy, humid weather.
viñeta Bring your personal blanket, sheet, and pillow if you want. Even though there are enough of them at "El Coro"
viñeta Carry your own snacks that you want to eat during the drive.
viñeta Be on April 17 at 5 :30 p.m. between the Central Library and the Modern Languages building.

All of these directions were follwed except by the last one. As Colombians, we all were together at about 6 :15 p.m. We were fifteen. We got into the University van, but while I was getting into ...... something seemed very familiar to me : the first pair of seats behind the driver was full of luggage and plastic bags which contained the food. The same had happened in my first and last TIJ.

During the non-stop trip from the university to El Coro, we were talking to each other in English, but what a surprise when the bus driver turned on the radio just to listen to songs in Spanish. That was a surprise , I mean, we were disconcerted because we wanted to listen songs in English. However we tried to translate them into English. It was really funny.

It was also fascinating to see how the weather changed during the 20 minutes drive.It changed from hot to cool and then to cold, and then to freezing. By the time we arrived at "El Coro", it was foggy and freezing.The bus parked in front of the entrance, and afterwards everybody took his / her luggage and some plastic bags from the bus.

By the way, "El Coro" has a host cabin , two guest cabins a 10-bedroom building , a social building (social saloon) , a central kitchen , a dining room, a church, a basketball court, and a wide beautiful green zone with well kept flowers and trees.

Our hosts were ready to say hello to us and then they accompanied us to the guest cabins.

Once we got the two cabins everyone was in a little hurry trying to choose his/ her bed.

At the end , one of the members did not find a well-located bed, so some of us moved a bed from one cabin to another just to make her feel better, I mean, comfortable.

I´m so sorry, I had forgotten to mention that among us there was a cameraman, whose name is Fernando Prieto. He started to film since the very beginning of this TIE. He was filming the TIE schedule while we were making the beds.

Later after we got together in the central kitchen , dining room building.There were few people cooking and the rest were seeing those who were cooking.

The cooks were Eva Lakatos, Francia Salgar, Frank Rutter and Eduardo Cardenas.

While they were cooking few of us were talking to each other, but suddenly a really beautiful beetle appeared fllying all around us. It was our company for a while.

Before the dinner was ready, I decided to wash the dishes and Irleny Insuasty followed me to dry them.

The dinner was ready ! The cooks prepared spaghetties with grated carrots and grinded /milled meat , all of them in sauce.

The dinner was served with slices of bread , some grated parmessano cheese and a glass of soda. It was good, but, ...... too much spaghetti . Almost half of the spaghetti cooked was left on the pan.

After we had dinner , my friends Vilma Tovar and Luz Elena Arias washed the dishes, pans, and everything. Once they finsished , we all went to the Social Room . We started a fire in the chimney and then we played, first "Ali Baba and the forty thieves" and second "Simon says....."

At almost midnight we went to bed.

Luis Hernando Valencia E.C.C. member

SATURDAY APRIL 18 FROM 12 :00 M TO 6 :00 PM.

People were always doing something in English : Thinking, playing and talking or to tell the truth, gossiping . But in that moment the most important thing was LUNCH.

Eva, Eduardo,Irleny, and I were preparing it,putting in order all the things we were going to use for the bar-b-q.

Fernando ,Thomas, Mauricio, and Monica were playing the finalgame of The Boggle championship. By the way, Fernando was the winner. While this was happening other people were gossiping as I told you before .

In front of the social room, a place were you can see a small and beautiful towm near el Coro, Enrique, Eduardo, and Frank were lighting the grill. People began to arrive slowly.The place smelled delicious. Fernando, Enrique and Mauricio went to the 18 kilometer to buy some drinks because there were no sodas left . A very few minutes later people began to eat. Everyone wanted to take a piece of something . We had sausages, corn eyes, arepas, morcilla and a delicious guacamole prepared by me. Nobody talked.You could just listen to the strange noises people made while eating . We decided to keep the meat because all of us were full.

At 1 :15 pm.Some people were resting, preparing the role play that Carlos had given to us before the bar-b-q. Others were playing "Scrabble",My words", and other word games that I can’t remember now. It was 3 :00 o’clock and we were still playing

Suddenly Eva came into the dinning room and told us " The meat is ready, go there and take your portion before getting cool ,please". It was about 3 :30. We saw a lot of meat, potatoes, plantans, and more sausages. Maybe you can’t believe this but all the things, that

we saw dessapeared inmediately. After this big meal we only wanted to take a long break and brush our teeth.

I can’t remember at what time we began to see a close- captioned film called "In the Name of the Rose ". As we watched it we became hot thanks to the fire place.Everyone was quiet.

I want to emphasize that People were always speaking in English.

Francia Ines Salgar E.C.C. member

SATURDAY APRIL 19 FROM 6 :00 p.m. TO 12 :00 p.m.

The group finished to see the film "In the Name of the Rose". After that , we were singing in the social room , enjoying the fire-place.Frank played the guitar.

Later we went to the dining room and in small groups we played "Scrabble", "Boggle" "My words" and other games.

Eva and Francia cooked the dinner .We ate scrambled eggs, with bread and "agua de panela" with cheese.

Some of us washed the dishes , then we met at the Social room again, Frank lighted the chimney , and we started to play games such as "Simon Says"," Ali Baba and the 40 thieves" "Charades". "Colors and Names", "Fox-hunter-gun","Dancing under the stick", "White Magic", "Passing the Bottle" and "Sausages".

After a little break Lu z Elena, Luis Hernando, Irleny and I acted out the play called "The Dentist".

Finally, we played "I am going on a trip, and I am taking a ........... .

After finishing the section of games we went to sleep at about 12 :30.

Vilma Tovar E.C.C. member


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